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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bubble Baths Just Got More Relaxing!

As a mommy, I look forward to the rare occasion when I get to relax. Most often, it's 4 in the morning after I pulled an all nighter trying to get work done and everyone is in bed sleeping. Laying back in our bathtub isn't too horrible, but it does start to get sore after a while. The Luxury Spa Bath Pillow from Simply Essentials makes it easier and more comfortable to relax.

So last night after dinner, I drew myself a hot bubble bath and prepared for relaxation for the purpose of review. Sometimes my job is pretty awesome! Like clockwork, as soon as I got in the tub and prepared to relax, my daughter barges through the bathroom door saying she had to use the potty. As she's going, my husband barges through the already open bathroom door and decides it would be a lovely time for a conversation. I always feel like I'm filming a reality show without the cameras, but especially with the audience for everything I do. Like I always say, "Every time a mom starts a bath/shower, a husband or child has to poop." 

 Now, as you can see in my pictures, the corner of the tub was the only place I could fit the pillow. I tried it on the sloped part of the back, but it just wasn't comfortable that way and didn't really serve it's purpose there. The photo from the company shows the woman using it on the corner of the bathtub so I figured, okay, I guess that's where I'll use it as well even though at first glance, it sure didn't seem comfortable to me. 

You know what? I was pretty much right. My bathtub is a little wider than some bathtubs but even so, I was still a little contorted using it this way. I tried placing it in every direction and it just wasn't working out for me. That being said, I can honestly say that if you are able to use it in a comfortable position, that it is rather comfortable and supporting. I laid out my yoga mat earlier in the day and used the mat and pillow to take a nap. Okay, not really, because who has time for naps?! But I really did lay down like that to test it out and if it hadn't been for responsibilities, I may have went to sleep.  I know I'll more than likely be taking it with me on our over night trips to the Conventions when we book our Jacuzzi room each year. It's easy to store and the suction cups are really durable. So much so that I actually had a heck of a time getting it off the tub at one point. It's currently stuck to my washer and hasn't moved at all even after multiple loads of heavy clothes shook the ever loving life out of the thing. It's also easy to clean and I'm not quite sure on the material, but it's not going to flatten out on you. 

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