Simply Nerdy Mom: My Secret Weapon to Bikini Ready Lifestyle

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Secret Weapon to Bikini Ready Lifestyle

Obviously, I'll never be a Victoria Secret model, but I still want to be bikini ready, not only in the summer but through out the year. I've come a long way after having my two kids. Before having either of them I was a slim 100 pounds (if that!) at my 5' 3" height. After my second was born, I got up to 180. My tiny body wasn't use to carrying that much weight and I wasn't doing so well health wise. 

I worked my butt off (literally!) to lose 60-65 pounds. Although my weight fluctuates within a 5-10 pound scale from time to time because of water weight, I'm now at a much healthier weight. I don't want to jeopardize all my hard work, so I work very hard at maintaining. While I do on occasion indulge, I definitely watch as to not go overboard. 

Speaking honestly, I don't do anything special to maintain. I drink a ton of water and try to cut out sugars and sodium. I still eat carbs. Actually, I'm Italian and I eat A LOT of carbs. I could not live without pasta. As far as exercise, on occasion I try to do squats because since having my kids, my apple bottom is now a pancake bottom. Other than that, the only exercise I get is when I'm carrying my 2 year old around. As far as energy goes, the Bikini Ready Energy Gummies are amazing! They taste great, which was a pleasant surprise after the Hydroxicut gummies I tried out a few months ago that tasted like burnt tacos. They really do give me enough energy to get things done around the house which I guess can also be considered a form of exercise as well. 

My weight loss progress. 


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