Simply Nerdy Mom: Premium Garcinia Cambogia with Green Tea - Weight Loss Formula and Weight Loss Plan Review

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Premium Garcinia Cambogia with Green Tea - Weight Loss Formula and Weight Loss Plan Review

I recently had the opportunity to test out Premium Garcinia Cambogia with Green Tea Weight Loss Formula and Weight Loss plan by Apex Natural.

A little bit about myself and my weight loss journey before I get into the review:
After I had my son back in August of 2012, I weighed 180 pounds. That was the heaviest I had been without being pregnant. Before having my daughter, who is now 7, I weighed a measly 98 pounds. I'm 5' 3" mind you, so at that point, I was vastly UNDERWEIGHT. After having my daughter, the lowest I could go, no matter how hard I tried, was 140 pounds and I was okay with that. However, after reaching 180 after my second child, I wasn't as happy and I felt horrible health wise. 
I tried to exercise and cut back on what I ate, but that never worked for me. I was tired and hungry all the time no matter what. I needed a little bit of a boost. That's when I found ACE. They increased my energy and suppressed my appetite.  
While most people would say taking diet pills are cheating and that you are more likely to gain the weight back and then some, that's not necessarily the case. In my situation, I just needed something to give me enough energy to get into a routine both with workouts and eating. And that's exactly what it did! I got so use to exercising that it became second nature to me. As for my eating habits, I managed to flush my system of all toxins to the point where I couldn't even stomach fast food or anything that wasn't healthy. It also got me to the point where I couldn't overeat no matter how badly I wanted to. I was full faster and stayed that way longer. In three months I managed to lose 50 pounds! 

I had long since stopped taking the pills because I was only using them to get into a routine, so once I did, I didn't need them anymore. However, I did hit a 4 month plateau. As a matter of fact, I'm still not at my goal weight. I tried taking ACE again, but they changed the formula and it no longer works for me. That's why I was excited about being able to give this stuff a try. 

You initially take one pill a half to two hours before eating each meal (so three times a day) then increase to two pills before each meal. Doubling the pills gives you a 30 day supply. The reason you need to take them before each meal and not at the beginning of the day and be done with it is because they eventually get flushed out of your system (along with all the toxins) as you drink water throughout the day. 

As for how it works...

I noticed that it did suppress my appetite and that I wasn't as hungry as I normally am. Therefore, I don't overeat and regret it later. As far as weight loss itself, it didn't do much for me. Now, before you say "Well, then it obviously isn't worth it", you have to remember that I only need to lose 10 pounds to reach my goal weight. I've been doing this weight loss thing for a year and a half. I didn't expect much of a weight loss with this as at my point in my weight loss, I am either maintaining or toning (which isn't going to be achieved just by watching calorie intake alone). As this does not give you energy, and is mainly a suppressant, I would still need to increase and change up my routine. That being said, if you are just starting out on your weight loss journey and have more than 10-20 pounds to lose, this would probably work great as a starter to get you on the right path. It's obviously not a miracle drug and you do need to watch your calories and "do work", but it will help with the appetite aspect which is a huge step in the right direction. Once you are on a healthy diet routine, and your body gets use to the changes, then you shouldn't need to take the pills anymore. And above all, you must remember that you need to maintain this lifestyle for it to work. You can't drop the pounds and then go back to eating junk and not taking care of yourself or you WILL gain the weight back. If you make sure you follow the guide they send with every purchase, you will be well on your way to a healthier you! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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