Simply Nerdy Mom: Nerd Block Classic ~ July 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nerd Block Classic ~ July 2014

We are a household of nerds. There, I said it. So of course we would have a subscription to Classic Nerd Block. We switched over to Nerd Block a few months ago from Loot Crate. We just felt that Nerd Block was the better option for as since they don't tend to do "themes" like Loot Crate does. This way, we wouldn't run into months were we weren't thrilled with the theme and not be happy about anything in that box. Nerd Block does release spoilers of things that will be in the boxes though. This month it was revealed that due to popular demand they would be putting two Star Wars items in this box as well something from Stan Lee and Joss Whedon. 

Yep. Pretty epic! 

Nerd Block stuffs a t-shirt into every single box. As a matter of fact, sometimes they actually put TWO shirts in the box! Each and every one of them has been straight up awesome! This Ninja Turtle tee made me jealous that it came in my husband's size and not mine. Of course, I do have the option to change tee size online if I need to given we share the Nerd Block, but I'll let him have his nerdy tees. 

This was the Stan Lee/Joss Whedon item. It's a documentary done by Morgan Spurlock on the hugely popular San Diego Comic Con and follows not only cosplayers but aspiring comic book artists, buyers, and sellers through their con experience. It also has interviews by fans and famous faces alike on what it is to be a "comic nerd". It's really less about the convention itself and more about the people who bring it all together and make it the worlds largest comic book convention.  

Star Wars item #1 was this plush. A few months back we actually got another Star Wars plush, but it was R2-D2. 

We were really surprised to see this in the box, actually. This is pants shittingly awesome! Although, I have to admit, that the disks that this gun shoots feel like they would really hurt. I'm not kidding. They are rather hard compared to a Nerf dart. I'm not sure if hubby is going to keep this as is or if he's going to mod it, but I think this may have been his favorite item since he's a kid at heart. 

And finally, the second of the Star Wars items was a Star Wars magazine. Good reading!

As always, if you are interested in subscribing to Nerd Block you can find it at and head over to their FACEBOOK and give them a "like". They do awesome giveaways with HUGE ticket items! 

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