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Monday, July 21, 2014

July Bluum Box ~ 24 Months

So this month's Bluum box took me by surprise. If you remember last month I had mentioned that it was our last box because I had halted out subscription in order to try out other Subscription Boxes. Well apparently I miscounted how many boxes we had already got. This one is officially our last one (for now). 

This is my son's 24 month box and I have to say, I'm a bit sad. It's like Bluum box is reminding me that he's going to be 2 in a few weeks. 

Once again, it was a two book box! Huzzah! 

Just a refresher course for those who aren't familiar, Bluum is a monthly subscription box for babies, toddlers, and pre schoolers that is curated to fit your child's development milestones. They choose items based on things you check off on the site each month about where your child is at developmentally. In addition, they have a points system where you can go onto their site and take a survey about the items that came in your box. You will get 10 points per item and you can cash in your points for a free box or various other goodies in their store. You also earn points when friends sign up! 

Getting right into the contents of the box...

 Slide and Surprise Number Book by Priddy Books 
Retail $6.99
My children have a mountain of Priddy Books already. My son actually has the First Concepts Numbers and First Concepts Colors books as well that he received in previous Bluum boxes. This book is just like the others. It has the pull tabs that reveal pictures to go along with the page subject. In this case, counting. I'll admit, that since he already had a numbers book by this same company, that I was a little disappointed at first. However, the pictures in the book are different and geared towards "older" babies because there are less detail to the pictures. 

Potty Super Hero Potty Training Book by Parragon Books
Retail $7.00
This was one of the things that made me sad. My son is becoming a "biggie boy" and has started to want to change his own diaper. Therefore, we are about to start potty training him. I'll be happy that he's out of diapers, but sad that my baby is now a "big kid". This book is actually really cute. The underpants on the front cover are fabric which your little one can feel. Parragon books are adorable. I've also received others from them in past Bluum Boxes. It seems to me that Bluum partners with the same companies for most of their products. That being said, the tend to choose companies that have the best feedback and that ensures that you get the best of the best in each box. Another thing worth mentioning is that Parragon Books also publishes Disney, Barbie, Marvel, and Nickelodeon books as well as books for all ages! Their web site is worth checking out. They are are one of my personal favorites. 

Melissa & Doug Cinco Starfish Scoop
Retail $2.98
Melissa & Doug is another company that Bluum partners with in a lot of their boxes and it's not hard to see why. Melissa & Doug products are durable and fun. My son loves to scoop things up so he was thrilled with this. 

Boogie Wipes Gentle Saline Wipes
Retail $3.99 (10 Wipes)
Lets face it, ever mother dreads wiping their child's nose. Especially after it's been dried. Yuck! These soft saline wipes are gentle enough for your littles ones delicate skin yet gets the job done. They have a fresh scent that's not harsh and are made with natural saline. They prevent the nose from becoming dry and irritated and are recommended by pediatricians as a gentle alternative to dry tissue. The tag line on their web site is "Motherhood is snot easy" and they have many products designed to help make allergy and cold season a little easier on us mommies. They even have a "Boogie Bucks" system much like Pampers and Huggies where you earn points from purchases to cash in on lots of cool swag!

Tokyo Baby Cafe Baby Shampoo
Retail $14.00
This was a rather expensive product this month. You can just barely make out the label on the bottle, but I will say that it's a nicely made container that could always be reused for foaming hand soap for your kiddos. Maybe it's the crafter in me or possibly because of Pinterest, but I'm always looking for ways to reuse things. This shampoo is lightly scented with honey, olive oil, and peaches and is a tear free, smooth, formula. There's not much in their product line. Their web site shows 4 products. Well, it's actually 3 products, the 4th is a gift set with the three products in it. It's worth checking out though. Although, I'm not sure I would pay $14 for some baby shampoo to be honest, but that's just me. 

As always, if you are interested in subscribing or would like more info, you can visit Bluum and for new subscribers, use code "HALFOFF" at checkout for 50% off your first box! 

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