Simply Nerdy Mom: Girls Nerd Block Jr ~ July 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Girls Nerd Block Jr ~ July 2014

If you are raising a Junior Nerd, you will most definitely want to get them a subscription to Nerd Block Jr! My daughter has been getting the girl's Nerd Block Jr for a few months now and she absolutely loves it. Once we get shipment confirmation, for the entire week or so leading up to the arrival, she runs to the door when she sees the mail carrier. 

This month's box was a little sparse to be honest. There are usually one or two more items in the boxes, but my daughter still loved it even if I wasn't impressed. 

Anyone remember these things? They are those little pin art things that have been around for years. We got one of these in last months Classic Nerd Block so it was kind of a bummer to see it in the Jr Block as well. 

The girls Nerd Block Jr has had a plush toy in just about every box so far. This giraffe is cute, but the last thing my daughter needs is another plush toy. Once again, she was still thrilled. 

This months box was revealed to have a Hello Kitty item in it. If they were going to put a plush toy in the box, I wish it would have also been the Hello Kitty item. We got one of these in a past box. There's not much to it. It just sits on a Mega Block. There's not even anything to build. I guess she can use it with her Hello Kitty scene sets or her Hello Kitty Jet, but other than that, it'll probably just end up at the bottom of the toy box.

This was really the only thing I actually liked in the box. It's an activity book, which my daughter loves. She can even take it with her on vacation in a few weeks. Out of the 4 items, she sat and looked through this the most. And even at that, she only looked through it for maybe 10 minutes. 

I usually am pretty ecstatic about the Nerd Block Jrs, but this month didn't seem worth the money I spent for it. Granted, the box is $13.99 and the items amounted to exactly that, but compared to the past boxes, this one was a flop. You can check out my reviews of past boxes under the Nerd Block Jr tab if you are interested in checking those out. 

Also, if you are interested in Nerd Block Jr or even Nerd Block Classic and Horror Block, you can check out the site

They also do huge giveaways on their FACEBOOK page!

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