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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nerd Block Jr (Girls): June 2014

Check out what arrived today! 

 It was packaged better than this, but we initially took everything out before taking a pic

June's Nerd Block was pretty excellent! Although, I have yet to be unimpressed with it. They are still pretty new though, so who knows, but it seems to be a hit with my 7 year old each month. 

I'm bummed that these things weren't available when I was younger. This is basically just a box full of awesome. 

She received this Belle the Birthday Fairy chapter book. It's pretty adorable, easy to read, and illustrations on every page. My daughter is an incredible reader for her age, but I don't think she's ventured into chapter books yet. As a matter of fact, last months Nerd Block Jr had a Funko Minion bookmark. Maybe that will give a bit of an incentive to start into the world of chapter books.

Here's a shot of the inside of the book.

She also got this adorable Dragons Defenders of Berk Baby Toothless figure. Look at it's little face! 

This was pretty much a huge hit with her since she loves Legos and Barbie Mega Blocks. She might actually have this one already. It's hard to keep track since I'm fairly sure she has one of every set. That's partially our fault. We bought her four of them for Christmas and that doesn't count all the other ones she got from relatives. 

Look! More Lego type blocks! This was in the Mega Blocks Smurfs Blind Package. Not much to this, really, but she's also gotten Hello Kitty ones like this in past boxes. 

Hooray for Disney! This is a pretty cute travel item. The left side holds markers and the right side has a stack of individual sheets of coloring pictures. My daughter sat and colored three of them right off the bat while watching Disney Jr and eating her lunch. 

I wanted to save June, July, and August's boxes for her trip to Hilton Head, but she happened to be home when the mail came today and I couldn't avoid her seeing it. My plan is to save July and August's boxes for her to open and play with either on the trip down or at the condo. It seems like Nerd Block Jr is great for that sort of thing as most items are small enough to fit into a travel bag. Not a bad selection of items for $20!

My son is still a little young for the Boys box yet, as they are packaged for ages 6-11. Actually, 11 is just a suggested age. I'm fairly certain my 31 year old husband would even enjoy the Nerd Block Jr. Heck, I enjoy the Nerd Block Jr for Girls and I'm almost 30. A Nerd is a Nerd no matter what age. We stay young at heart. 

If you are interested, head on over to where you can choose between 4 different Blocks! Nerd Block Jr as highlighted here, Nerd Block Classic, and the brand spankin' new addition to the Nerd Block family, The Horror Block! 

Another thing to point out, is that you are automatically entered into drawings to win their "Mega Blocks" each month just for being a subscriber! Curiosity piqued? Here's a look at one of the past giveaways for those subscribed to Nerd Block Jr:

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