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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MunchPak: Family Pak Review

I recently (Sunday as a matter of fact) won a Family Pak from MunchPak and wanted to review it for everyone because I absolutely love this concept!

MunchPak, for those who aren't familiar, is a subscription box filled to the brim with delicious snacks from all over the world. Boxes start at $7.95 and can be shipped bi-weekly and monthly. They also come in three sizes: MunchPak Mini, which is approximately one pound of snacks, Original MunchPak, which is approximately two pounds or greater, and the Family Pak, which is approximately 3.5 pounds or greater. Basically, they fill that sucker with snacks until it meets the designated weight and let me tell you, it's actually a LOT of snacks. They ship pretty quickly too. I hadn't expected my box to come until next week, but here it is, Wednesday, and it arrived at my doorstep only three days after I had won it. They currently only ship to US and Canada, but they are working on Worldwide shipments.

This is how the box comes.

You might think, "Really? They stuff newspaper in there?" but honestly, that's the coolest part in my opinion as it's a little piece of culture in each box! I mean, look at it! 

After your done trying and failing to read and understand the Japanese newspaper, you look in your box and see this:

It really doesn't look like there's much in there, but I'm telling you, it's crammed in there pretty good. 


I had to try and get these photos before my family got home. I knew after that, all bets were off on getting a review done. As it is, when I sent my husband a text with the above picture and the caption "Om nom nom nom" he sent back his ever so popular "Not a finga!" As in, we better not be sampling any of this without him. 

Obviously I'm pretty stocked about the pretzel dippers because I use to eat the heck out of those when I was younger, and speaking honestly, I'd probably eat an entire package of them now as an adult. I'm sure my children will prevent that from happening by eating them before I get a chance to. My children are built in diet coaches and they don't even realize it. I've heard of Tayto, but never had the opportunity to try them and this is Prawn Cocktail flavor. Okay then. I'm up for anything I guess. This is going to sound like I'm living under a rock, but I've never tried pistachios either. I know, I know. I guess this is MunchPak's way of telling me it's about time I cross that off my list. The other package is Churritos El Vaquero (corn sticks). 

Um, yay for strawberry cream filled koala's!  The big package is strawberry jam filled cookies. I should point out that the Boston Baked Beans, aren't actually beans for anyone (I'm sure there's someone) wondering about that. They are candy coated peanuts. The others really need no explanation. 

M&M's cookies, Mike & Ike candies, chocolate chip shortbread cookies, Smog Balls and Baby Ball Cookies...go ahead and laugh at those last two. I did too. 

This batch is mostly stuff you can find at the local stores here. Skittles, Jolly Rancher Crunch 'N Chew, Razzapple Fun Dip, a "bouquet" of lollipops, and the only thing I hadn't heard of, which was Sherbet Fountain (sherbet with a a liquorice dip). I have no idea what that is, but I'm sure one of my kids will find out before the night is over. 

Necco Chocolate Wafers (which I haven't had in, oh man, a good amount of years.), orange and blackcurrant flavor Chewits (which are basically like a fruit chew candy), mango Hi-Chew (pretty much the same thing), and some type of candy that has chile in it that no one in my house is brave enough to try. 

Edit: Hubby is currently taking one for the team and trying the chile candy. If he dies...more snacks for me! 

At any rate, it's not going to take my family long to destroy this box of snacks. They already called dibs on most of it. 

If you are interested in trying MunchPak and aren't sure you want to buy a subscription, they do have a gift option for you to try it out. Just head on over to and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram! 

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