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Friday, March 21, 2014

Nerd Block Jr, Girl Box Review

Nerd Block is another monthly subscription box that contains geek and gamer gear. It's pretty similar to Loot Crate and Booty Box except you get a t-shirt in EVERY box and there is no theme to the boxes. We have never tried them before so when they announced their new Nerd Block Jr for boys and girls ages 6-11, we knew we had to get one for our daughter. Then we figured, we may as well get the adult box as well. I will be doing a review of the adult box as soon as it arrives.

And this is what my daughter's first box looks like: 

She absolutely loved everything about this box. 

Moshi Monsters Mega Blocks BuildaMonster Set #80651 Katsuma

This retails for $7.88 and comes with 73 pieces and stickers to build your monster. My husband ended up putting it together, but the instructions were very easy. Each step was detailed with easy to understand pictures. 

Hello Kitty Series 2 Blind Bag Mini Figure

This retails for $2.75. Each package contains one mystery figure, one accessory, and one block for the figure to stand on. My daughter received the one with the little tea cup which my husband called "The Hello Kitty Version" of me. These are also manufactured by Mega Blocks and there are 8 figures to collect. 

Funko My Little Pony Derpy Tin-Tastic Action Figure

This is our second one of these tins. We recently got a Joker one in one of the past Loot Crates. These tins retail on Amazon for around $14.98, but I'm sure you can find them cheaper depending on where you look. Inside the tin there were two MLP pencils, two erasers (Derpy and Rainbow Dash), and a sheet of stickers that also had Derpy and Rainbow Dash on them. 

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Slap Bands Bracelets

I only found these in sets of six and we only got one so I couldn't give you retail price. My daughter got the Pinkie Pie bracelet. For those of you who remember the old slap bracelets, I can tell you, these ones are made so much better! They have a thick rubber on the outside and are far more comfortable to wear than the ones we had when we were younger. I should say they are a lot less dangerous as well. Apparently these are hard to find and the manufacturer no longer makes these. 

Hubert Cub Brave Plush Toy Bear (Happy) -- 8'' H

I found this on Amazon for $3.99. It's polyester and very soft. The neck seems a bit small and it doesn't really want to stand upright, but that's not a huge deal. It's definitely adorable and you can get the other two bears (which are in different poses) as well. 

Nerd Block Jr is $13.99/month plus you pay tax but it's not that much considering it ships from Canada. You can choose between a boy box or a girl box. Currently they don't have the "neutral" option, however they have mentioned that they are considering it. When you sign up for Nerd Block or Nerd Block Jr, you are entered to win a Mega Box each month for each respectable subscription. This months Little Monster Box (Nerd Block JR subscribers) had a Wii U, three seasons of Adventure Time on DVD, and a Fin costume. Each Monster box has high value items and sometimes they even give away game consoles. You have to be a subscriber to be entered into the Monster Box giveaway, but they definitely do not disappoint! 

If you would like to sign up for Nerd Block or Nerd Block Jr just Follow this link

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