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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stash Tea and Nektar Honey sweetener review

I got a chance to try this amazing tea and sweetener thanks to Influenster. It was one of the many things that came in my Mom Voxbox. The super big Hello Kitty mug came from Wal-Mart. Cute, huh?

Okay, so the Stash Tea Superfruits Sampler pack comes with 3 of each flavor of tea, all individually packaged. 

In case you can't see in the photo above, the flavors are Mangosteen, Goji Berry, and Pomegranate Raspberry which are all Green Teas, and Acai Berry, Yumberry Blackcurrant, and Blueberry which are the Herbal Teas.  I decided to go with the Mangosteen because, well, I have actually never even heard of that flavor before so I thought, why not try something new on all accounts. 

Now, I need to mention this to you. Obviously, this is no ordinary tea/coffee cup. It's huge. As a matter of fact, it's about as big around as my face. This picture does it no justice and it looks way smaller than it's actual size. So, that being said, what I did to ensure my tea had the proper amount of flavor and wasn't mostly water, I took a normal coffee cup and filled it with water first then poured it into the super cute Hello Kitty mug. I mean, you could just use two tea bags if you want to just fill the cup up, but since I had never tried this stuff before, I wasn't about to waste it if I didn't like it. 


I used the Nektar Honey Crystals to sweeten it. I had to try this by itself before putting it in the tea...of course. My first impression, without trying it, was that it was possibly going to be way too sweet as I've had normal honey in my tea before and I couldn't stand it. I'm picky. I prefer little to no sweetener in my teas, iced or otherwise. So I gave it a go and I can honestly say that it was very good. For it being honey crystals, it tasted exactly like honey, but wasn't overly sweet! It states that one of these packets has the sweetness equivalent of one teaspoon of liquid honey so, I don't know, maybe my mom just put way too much liquid honey in my tea growing up. Good possibility. Could explain why this was good to me and liquid honey makes me cringe. 

I thought the two of them together were great. The tea had a wonderful flavor and aroma and the honey crystals were the perfect amount of sweetness added to the tea. I could be bias since I'm a tea lover as it is. I tried this hot and still have yet to try it iced. I hear it's even better iced. That shall be my next conquest. 

Stash teas come in a wide variety of flavors and aren't limited to the ones I received in this box. Their teas come in bagged form or loose leaf. Stash Tea is sold at grocery stores, tea and coffee shops, club stores, mass merchandisers, natural food stores and online at You can also find the Nektar Honey Crystals on their site as well. And for about $3.50 for the box I got, it's totally worth a try! 

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