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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Citrus Lane box

Let me tell you a little bit about citrus lane. It's a monthly subscription box that caters to moms and children from newborn up to three years old. Each month, you receive a gift box with 4 to 5 items hand picked by mom testers. They send you items based on your child's age and gender. And each month has a theme.

We received our first box recently and fell in love immediately!

In our box we received: 
*A cute pair of blue leg warmers (which little guy won't be able to wear for quite a while, but they are cute none the less)
*A hippo stroller toy
*A diaper bag buddy (which I have to tell you, is genius! it's small but packed with bags to dispose of dirty diapers in, band aids, a thermometer, alcohol wipes and a few other diaper bag essentials)
*Two packages of travel detergent with two uses in each package (also pretty genius because how many times are you out somewhere and baby explodes all over his or her clothes? All you do is take this and the soiled item to a nearby sink...nearest restroom perhaps....mix this in the water and scrub the clothes clean. Beats putting a soiled outfit in the diaper bag to stay for however long you are out!)
*Travel size shampoo, body wash, and diaper rash cream
*And a coupon code to send pictures as postcards via my phone to relatives

I must say, the items are a lot better than I thought they would be. 

I wasn't sure about signing up for a full membership at first so I went with the month to month plan. they charge your card $25 around the same time every month and of course you can cancel at any time or upgrade to a monthly sub plan. They come in 3, 6, and 12 month plans. Of course you get a great deal the higher the plan you go. For the 6 month plan you get one box free and the 12 month plan you basically get two boxes free (price wise). 

They also have a gift box that would be great for a baby shower! I highly recommend giving Citrus Lane a try. The link to the site is there in the sidebar. Give it a click, look around, get a feel for it, and sign up if you like what you see. And as an added bonus, not only does Citrus Lane provide great items for baby and mommy, you also get a community of moms whom you can go to for advice on all things mommy and baby! 

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