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Monday, April 2, 2012

Yes, I did indeed get that for free!

I don't know when or where it started, but somewhere along the line in life I became the mother of freebies and discounts. I go to the store and buy a cart full of things and go to hand the cashier my coupons for freebie products and outrageous discounts and typically the response is the same. "Wow! Where on earth do you find deals like this!"

Answer in short: All over!

You just have to know where to look.

Lots of companies do promotions where they giveaway great coupons. Some of them are for free full size products. For example, I've gotten full size shampoo and conditioner for free multiple times. Full size food items, and quite recently I had two coupons, each of them for a free box of John Frieda Foam Hair Color. And at a normal price of about $15 a piece, two free boxes is an AMAZING deal.

The coupons and free products/samples is great, but what's really great, is getting to try products for free for review. I love it. I'm one of those people who tell it like it is. So I have no problem trying something new and letting everyone know about it and letting them know how it worked or didn't work for me. Best part about it is I can try new products without having to spend the money on them and be out the money when they don't work the way they should.

And to be perfectly honest, there were some brands that I got samples from that I just did not like. Certain shampoos that made my hair heavy or was to hard to wash out. Food samples that just did not have a very good taste. But then there are all the products that I sampled and loved so much that they have become a regular staple in our home.

It's not just product samples though. I've gotten free clothing, magazines, books, candles, cards (birthday, holiday...), make up...obviously beauty products are a number one product category when it comes to samples. You can always find samples of shampoo and conditioners. Food is a close second. A lot of companies will send out food samples of new products.

The best part about freebies in your mailbox? Most of them come with great coupons. So if you are a couponer, this would be a great way to stock up on coupons you aren't going to find anywhere else.

Much like those extreme couponers you see everywhere with the stock piles, I have a freebie stock pile. Call me crazy, but they come in handy. Travel a lot? Don't like lugging your full size products everywhere? Throw a few of the sample shampoos in your bag. They take up very little room.

You can get samples of pet food too! And trust me, those also come in handy. We once ran out of cat food and couldn't make it to the store. Instead of feeding our cat human food or making her starve (which is what she thought she was doing if she didn't eat every few minutes) until the next day when we got to the store, I pulled out some samples I got in the mail of cat food.

I guarantee you can find freebies or deals on everything known to man. You just have to know where to look and how to go about it.

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